Algaeus approaching Capitol

The Public Policy of Renewable Fuels

As a recognized leader in the drop-in algae-based fuels industry, Sapphire Energy is a vocal advocate for technology and feedstock parity. Sapphire Energy educates policymakers on the significance of algae as a scalable, sustainable solution to our Nation's energy needs, as well as the importance of putting algae on a level playing field with other advanced biofuel feedstocks, and giving advanced biofuels the same incentives and sustained federal programmatic funding that other clean technologies benefit from.

Sapphire’s technology displaces petroleum-based crude drop for drop, making it the only scalable, low-carbon, drop-in solution to our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Proper incentives should be in place to develop above-ground oil fields that produce renewable and sustainable sources of crude oil from algae. 

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