Sapphire Energy

The Sapphire Story

Global demand for affordable, scalable, and sustainable sources of animal feed, food, and energy products are growing well beyond what today’s resources can provide. sapphire energy story Foreseeing this need, a visionary group of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders set out to develop new technology that would set the world on a path to a sustainable future. What started as a collaboration to examine how biotechnology could address the biggest challenges facing our world is today Sapphire Energy.

At Sapphire, we have developed a technology platform that uses non-potable water, such as seawater, and non-arable land to grow algae that captures CO2 in open ponds and provides us with renewable solutions that can improve people’s lives and make the planet more sustainable.

By focusing on these enormous challenges, Sapphire embarked on a new agricultural revolution—a cultivation platform capable of delivering low cost, highly valuable algae biomass. This algae biomass is a sustainable, renewable, and scalable source of high value Omega-3 oils, high value aquaculture and animal feed ingredients and renewable fuels. With more than 300 issued and pending patents across the technological spectrum, the Sapphire platform encompasses the full value chain of producing algae on a large scale—from strain development to cultivation, to harvest, to conversion.

Sapphire is addressing the world’s greatest challenges with a revolutionary approach to agriculture—pioneering renewable products for global markets— with the potential to improve large scale, sustainable production of critical global needs—from animal feed and food to energy.