Sapphire Energy is leading Green Crude production, profoundly altering the world for the better
Sapphire Energy's Innovative Technology Converts Algae to Energy
Sapphire Energy produces low-cost, high value biomass from Algae
Our Green Crude Farm is bringing algae fuel to commercial readiness on an unprecedented scale

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AIM Interview: Sapphire Energy CEO James Levine

"[Algae] may start to solve all kinds of problems that we never expected as we sit here today in 2014. And being part of that, in the early days, is very exciting." said James "Jamie" Levine, CEO of Sapphire Energy.

There were probably three different levels of attraction for me to Sapphire, the first being the algae industry itself. Previously I had looked at another facet of industrial biotechnology in industrial enzymes. In thinking about the productivity of biology as a platform, industrial enzymes as catalysts could be incredibly powerful at small scale. With algae you don’t have that same catalyst-like power, but what you do have is a productivity basis that, compared to many other sources of potential biofuels or bioproducts, really unlocks a lot of opportunities. And it’s that productivity per acre that I think makes this industry attractive. In terms of Sapphire, I think that their approach to the technology is really what attracted me to the company specifically. The focus that the company’s had from the start – that it was going to provide valuable products, whether that’s in fuel or whether that’s in other products, at a very low cost – I think that is the right focus for a technology development company to have. And the company never lost its focus on being a low-cost provider of algae biomass.

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The Sapphire Solution

Sapphire Energy believes the time is now to create new energy solutions that are environmental, scalable, and renewable. Sapphire is leading the new industrial category of Green Crude production with the potential to profoundly change America’s energy and petrochemical landscape for the better. With only sunlight and CO2, Sapphire Energy is turning algae into Green Crude that can be refined into the three most important liquid fuels we use today: gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. There is no need to make changes to our vehicles, pipelines, or distribution systems—as Green Crude offers a complete drop-in replacement solution. Continue Reading: our story >>